Satire: Xi’s afraid of clean water

5 september, 2023

For over a week now, China has reacted strongly against the decision to release treated waste water from a nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan, into the Pacific Ocean.

Apart from diplomatic protests, an import ban on Japanese seafood and calls for boycott of other Japanese brands, Chinese state media has been running a fierce propaganda campaign including cartoons and animations of Godzilla.

Kinamedia’s cartoonist Niklas ”@KluddNiklas” Eriksson this week makes a comeback to give readers another perspective on Beijing’s reactions to the claimed Godzilla unleashed by the developments in Fukushima.

The Godzilla is minimal because the treated waste water, as stated by the International Atomic Energy Agency and others, contains lower levels of tritium than that of the waste water released in the same ocean by China’s own nuclear power plants on a normal year.

Hence, by Chinese as well as international standards, the water is classified as clean and shouldn’t scare a big and bold leader like Xi Jinping.

The above cartoon can be viewed in full size here.

A full collection of Kludd-Niklas’ works for Kinamedia can be seen via this link.

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