Satire: Coal against climate change and recession

29 augusti, 2022

Chongqing, Sichuan and other parts of central or western China has just experienced the worst heat wave and drought ever on record. The solution: to replace decreased electricity generation from hydropower with even more coal power.

The Chinese economy is in serious trouble due to an inflated fixed asset bubble. The solution: throw a few more hundred billions of yuan into infrastructure stimulus, with steel and other materials creating an even higher energy demand.

This shortsighted approach to China and indeed the world’s problems is the topic of this week’s cartoon by Niklas ”@Kludd-Niklas” Eriksson here on Kinamedia.

With just months left to the all-important 20th congress of the Chinese Communist Party where Xi Jinping is expected to secure the mandate to rule China for a third term, it is no wonder that coal power and stimulus are on overdrive mode.

But what will happen once this already over the hill growth model arrives at road’s end?

This week’s cartoon can be viewed in full size via here.

A full collection of Kludd-Niklas’ works for Kinamedia can be seen via this link.

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