Satire: Xi carries out Hu from the party

31 oktober, 2022

She carries out who? Well, Hu Jintao was certainly carried out by Xi Jinping’s allies from the party (congress) that ended last week.

In this week’s cartoon for Kinamedia, Niklas ”@Kludd-Niklas” Eriksson uses a custom designed drone to stress the high tech aspect of the control society that Xi has created, and from which even past Presidents and General Secretaries of the Communist Party are no longer protected.

Perhaps we will never know exactly what happened when Hu Jintao was firmly led out of the Great Hall of the People by the end of the 20th national congress of the Communist Party. It is however clear that the manhandling of the former leader was preceded by him trying to look at some documents without the approval of Xi Jinping.

Another indication of that something dramatic was taking place on center stage is the fact that the other top politicians present – in particular those closely affiliated with Hu – didn’t even glance at him being led out, instead staring straight forward with a stiff yet nervous expression.

The signs that Xi wants to be surrounded only by carbon copies of himself could hardly be clearer.

This week’s cartoon can be viewed in full size via here.

A full collection of Kludd-Niklas’ works for Kinamedia can be seen via this link.

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