Solidarity rally for Hong Kong to be held in Stockholm on Monday

A solidarity rally for the ongoing protest movement in Hong Kong and its five demands will be held at the public square of Mynttorget in central Stockholm this coming Monday, September 9, at 5 pm.

Among the handful of speakers already announced at the rally is a Swedish parliamentarian and the Editor-in-chief for the Swedish Journalist Union membership magazine.

The rally is organised by author and social commentator Kurdo Baksi, together with Romina Pourmokhtari, chairperson for the youth wing of the Liberal Party, and Örjan Winkvist, businessman and entrepreneur.

In a press release, the organisers state:

”In this dire situation, it is of outmost importance that the international community shows solidarity with the people of Hong Kong and urges its government to accommodate the fundamental demands of the protesters. To use police or military to silence the protests would be a disaster”.

The speakers for Monday’s event includes:

* Fredrik Malm, parliamentarian for the Liberal Party
* Helena Giertta, Editor-in-Chief for Journalisten
* Torbjörn Lodén, sinologist
* Claes Wahlin, journalist
* Romina Pourmokhtari, chairperson for the youth wing of the Liberal Party
* Aida Badeli, chairperson for the youth wing of the Green Party

Mynttorget (pictured above) is located in the old town in central Stockholm, just next to the Royal Castle and nearby the Swedish parliament.

For any questions about the event, please contact Kurdo Baksi.