Full radio interview with Chinese ambassador to Sweden, on Gui Minhai and more

A brief background explainer since I am at an airport: Earlier this month, Swedish national radio broadcasted some shorter parts of a longer interview (translated into Swedish) with Gui Congyou, China’s ambassador to Sweden.

The interview was made after the ambassador had invited himself to the offices of the radio station, believing that its past reporting on China was biased and false.

The Swedish national radio have now decided to put online the entire interview as performed in Chinese. Please listen below when the Chinese ambassador to Sweden discusses at length topics such as Gui Minhai, Confucius Institutes and refugee espionage against Tibetan and Uyghur minorities.

Hopefully at a later point I will time to reflect on the ambassador’s answers myself here on the blog.

But on the other hand, my input is hardly needed to make it an interesting listening, as it is already filled with everything from mere lies to veiled threats against the Swedish government not to raise the issue of Gui Minhai with China.

Here is the original link to the interviewed as published on the Swedish national radio website.