Rally for Gui Minhai outside Chinese embassy in Stockholm

This weekend, Swedish publisher and writer Gui Minhai has been jailed in China for 700 days without a trial. This proceeding – as well as the kidnapping of Gui carried out by Chinese agents in Thailand – breaches international law and is also an assault on freedom of speech and of the press in Hong Kong, where Gui published his books.

Hence, a rally will be held for Gui Minhai on Friday September 15, outside the Chinese embassy in Stockholm at 12 pm. This is the first rally of its kind carried out for Gui on Swedish soil.

Nonetheless a long list of important speakers will attend, ranging from leaders of political parties and editors for some of Sweden’s largest newspapers:

Angela Gui, daughter of Gui Minhai
Jonas Sjöstedt, chairman and leader of the Left Party
Birgitta Ohlsson, foreign policy spokesperson of the Liberal Party
Karin Olsson, culture editor at Swedish daily Expressen
Björn Wiman, culture editor at Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter
Helena Giertta, chief editor of Swedish Journalist Union’s magazine
Ulrika K Engström, international secretary at Swedish PEN
Ulrika Kärnborg, vice president at Swedish Writers’ Union
Anders Q Björkman, Swedish Publicists’ Association
Kurdo Baksi, author and event announcer

The list of speakers shows that the Swedish civil society – as well as some of our politicians – has finally realised the importance of the kidnapping of Gui Minhai. We hope the rally will draw a large crowd as to show the Chinese embassy that unlawful abductions of Swedish citizens will not go unnoticed.

The Chinese embassy in Stockholm is located at Lidovägen 8, Djurgårdsbrunnsviken, and can be easily reached by bus 69 from Stockholm Central Station. All speeches will be in Swedish.

For further questions or media enquires, please send a mail to:

Angela Gui
Kurdo Baksi
Jojje Olsson